The Difference Between a "Yes" and a "No"

Wednesday night I spoke at Banyen Books in Vancouver. What a friendly store!

There was a good amount of people for the clutter busting talk. I opened it up for people to ask me about their clutter situations.

A woman told me about how she collects knowledge articles from magazines like Oprah and Real Simple. She said she reads the articles once and then they collect in piles. She asked me what she should do with the articles. I ask if she wanted to read the articles again. She made a pinched face. That face said it all. She followed it up with a pained, "Well, I want to, but I don't have the time, but I want to." 

I pointed out the discomfort she was showing me. I said that as clutter busters in our own lives, we are looking for the things that are causing us pain. There's no room in our lives for things that hurt us.

She asked how to know if something makes us feel good or not. I asked if she liked the necklace she was wearing. She confidently said, "Yes, I do!" I said when something is part of our life, we feel a simple yes. It's clean. This contrasted with her experience with the articles, which was messy. It was complicated. Our life will thank us when we remove these distractions.

I liked seeing my two books together at the bookstore. What a handsome couple!