Feeling Close

It's night. Everything is quiet. I cleared the space. There's nothing but me and this blog post.

I relish what I do when I remove the distractions. I feel close to what I'm focused on. I'm realizing that feeling connected is one of my best experiences and I look for ways to create that sensation.

Things that interrupt my feeling connected are clutter.

For instance, earlier in the day I was feeling edgy. Everything seemed loud, as if it was trying to push its way into me - the opposite of connection. I realized I was tired. Trying to stay awake at this moment was clutter. So I laid down and fell asleep in seconds. I woke up feeling good, like the day was my friend again.

When I work with clients, I look for the things that are making them feel disconnected. That's why I ask questions, to see what things are associated with their edginess. I know they may not notice because of the distractions which are robbing their focus. Once I hear it in their voice or see it in their face, I point it out so they can see it. It's hard to want to hold on to something when you see that it takes you away from feeling connected with what matters to you.