Finding Freedom

I have a knack for finding hiking paths. Today when I was driving through Portland I spotted a path off the side of the road. I parked and explored. It was a beautiful space. There was the added bonus of painted fish on the paved part of the path.

I thought about how becoming unencumbered leaves you open to surprises. 

My phone client yesterday was going through boxes in her office and was feeling especially stuck. But as we went through her things, and she started to make decisions about what to let go of, she started to lighten up. She said about one particular box, "It's filled with miscellaneous nothingness. I'm seeing a boatload of noes in here...This is so exciting. This is just lightness!"


Yesterday I was interviewed on the Portland TV show AM Northwest about my new book, Clutter Busting Your Life. Here is the link to watch the show.