I just finished my last bookstore talk for the West Coast book tour. I think I've given about nine presentations in nine days. I was in four cities. There were a couple of days when I woke up and I wasn't sure what city I was in. I'm tired and exhilarated.

I took this trip because I wanted to escort my new book, Clutter Busting Your Life out into the world. For two and a half years, it was just me and the book, for hours at a time. It was a private and intimate world we shared. The book tour is a way for me to let the book go so now it can be part of other people's lives.

One of the great things about visiting bookstores was meeting people who read my first book and hear how it had positively affected them. My book had found a home with them.

At tonight's talk, someone said, "It sounds like from what you are saying is that you are encouraging us to incorporate this way of seeing things into our lives. So when we go into our closet to see what we want to wear that day, we notice a piece of clothing that we don't care about anymore and we let it go."

I said, "Absolutely." I said I wanted to create a living curiosity about what fits and no longer fits in our lives. Kind of like in the same way noticing when food goes bad in the fridge. You see it (or smell it) and toss it out. We are constantly changing, so our needs are changing too. It helps to have an awareness that senses, finds and lets go of what we no longer need. It keeps us and our lives fresh.