I've noticed the the concept of kindness in clutter busting is ringing true for many people. By saying that it's okay to be sweet to ourselves while letting go is being heard with relief.

We're all looking to be treated nicely. Especially by ourselves.

I've never liked the term self-improvement. I think we're okay as we are. I've never worked with anyone and thought there was something wrong with them. But sometimes my clients can be hard on themselves as if they are bad in some way.

The situation you are in might be hard. It might be wearing you down. You might feel overwhelmed. But essentially you're beautiful and amazing. I want to encourage you to let go so that you get an opportunity to see what's special about you now.

You're digging yourself out from under the heavy things that aren't contributing to your life. My experience is that being kind to yourself, in the same way you would be if you were helping someone else dig themselves out, is much easier.

We function better with gentleness. It opens and encourages us. It's the main ingredient in clutter busting.