Letting Go of Pain

You're looking for signs of discomfort in your home and life. "Where do things feel off for me?" Pain is a red flag. It's an indicator that some thing we are hanging on to is not serving us. When we take that honest look, we see that there is no valid excuse for suffering. Clutter busting is learning to take care of ourselves.

Here's a great email from someone who found a source of pain and followed through and removed the items from her home and life:

"I noticed the feeling of embarrassment coming up then evaporating as the expensive shoes went into the bag. I kept not selling them. They kept sitting on my heart. You inspired me to let go of 16 very nice shoes someone else gets to enjoy and Goodwill has the benefit of selling. Thank you. Then I uncovered a cute pair I couldn't find before. I feel free to wear them now. There is guilt that comes with having too much. Astonishing the effect of letting go of this painful attachment - all because they cost a lot. There is a feeling of power and gain."