What is peace of mind?

I saw these flowers outside the New Renaissance bookstore just before giving my talk. I felt like they were welcoming me.
I also got a friendly hello from this mighty oak by the bookstore that canopied the sky.

Earlier in the day, I was interviewed by a local radio station. The host asked me, "Why do we need to clutter bust?"

I said, "Because of the peace of mind we get in exchange."

He said, "What do you mean by peace of mind? That sounds new agey."

I said, "It's not. It's matter of fact. The distractions that come from living with the things that are no longer part of our life are immense and overwhelming. They absorb our awareness. We get used to living with the mind numbing noise. But if we're lucky, we get an aversion to what's in our way. That gives us the strength to find and remove the clutter."

"What takes it's place is a noticeable quietness. It's an unencumbered awareness. It's a mind that naturally dips into creativity and intuition. We become open to surprises in our environment. It's a sense of no longer being caged. You feel free."