During one of my bookstore talks last week, a worried looking woman sitting in the front row asked, "How do we get inspired enough to clutter bust?"

I said, "You're sitting in the front row, I think you're inspired." The woman laughed.

Since you're reading this, I believe you can clutter bust. I know you have it in you to start.

It's actually harder to not start clutter busting. We use up a lot of energy fretfully thinking about our clutter. It releases adrenalin into our bodies. It's hard on us to think of the clutter in our homes and lives and then not do anything about the situation.

When I begin working with a client, they feel weighed down in worry. But with a gentle and encouraging push, they begin letting go, and they come to life. There's an energy that's generated in us with starting a clutter bust. It feels like we are plugged in.

I was working on the phone last week with a new client. She tiredly spent the first few minutes telling me the frustration and difficulty of living with her clutter. Rather than have her think about it a minute longer, I had pick a spot in her home and begin. I had her hold the first object she saw in front of her and asked if she liked it or could she let it go. She simply said, "No, I don't use this anymore. I'm going to get rid of it." There was certainty and strength and simplicity in her voice.