Falling in Love With Ourselves as We Are

Often there’s an “I need this to feel okay” feeling behind clutter. We bring something into our lives because we feel it’s a missing ingredient that will make us special.  We sense that we’re inadequate without this thing, person, or situation.

But then we get this thing, and we still don’t feel okay.

Even though the magic didn’t happen, we can still cling to the thing. And we go in search of another missing ingredient.

What’s actually missing for us is the recognition that we’re okay right now. How we are right now is good enough. Even though we remain exactly as we are.

This recognition is the breaking down of the “something is wrong with me” hypnosis. The "I’m not beautiful, successful, smart, loveable, rich, spiritual, compassionate, or powerful enough" drive bubble pops and we are left with the basicness of ourselves in the moment.

What’s gone is the sense that some thing will take away a feeling of inadequateness. I’ve met a lot of clients who tried to quench this thirst. They were at the end of a long period of trying to be better through things, people and activities. They were exhausted. They had doubt that their things could do it for them anymore.

My clients are surrounded by things that went from being friends to foes,
Their stuff isn’t supporting them, but adding to their woes, 
Until they look and see with great surprise,
The only thing that matters is right behind their eyes.