The Healing

When I work with a client, I never think of getting it all done in one fell swoop. I think, "Let's start."

I only want to begin. The healing is not in finishing, but in the starting.

When we clutter bust, we heal. We're healing from the effects of living with fear. Fear makes us grip on to things. We anxiously believe that holding on will give us the peace we are missing.

It's not necessary to know the specific source of the fear. We only need to be uncomfortable with continuing to live that way. 

I remember working with a client in her living room. She was talking nervously and non-stop about random things that were going badly in her life. In the under current of her voice I heard, "I'm scared."

I didn't want to tell her there's nothing to be scared of. Addressing the fear can give it substance.  I wanted to easily switch her attention to something simple. I quietly picked up a book and asked her if she wanted to read it or could she let it go. She got quiet. Her edge began to dispel. She said she could let the book go.

By being gentle, the fear dissipates, our guard gets let down, and the healing gets a chance to happen.

When you clutter bust, it helps to be as gentle with yourself as if you were helping a three-year kid.