The Inner GPS

Last night I couldn't sleep. My head felt like a Grand Central Station of thoughts. I couldn't make any of them out. So I got up and played guitar for a long time.  There were tremendous amounts of feelings coming through each chord and note I was playing.

I thought, "Where is all this coming from?" And then I got the insight that for three months I've been super focused on getting my new book, Clutter Busting Your Life ready to enter the world. In order to do this, I had to forgo my usual creative endeavors like writing songs, and creating pastels paintings, and writing stories. That was the need of the moment. But now my book has some powerful momentum and doesn't need my constant attention. 

I'm finding it helps to use the "out of sorts" feeling as part of my clutter busting radar. It's an indicator for me that what was once part of my life, isn't any longer. It's kind of like the GPS saying, "Take a left at the next intersection."

I think it's good that the something's wrong feeling is loud because otherwise I might ignore it. I'd assume that I'd just continue doing what I was doing. It's easy to get lost in the momentum of the way things have been. There's a feeling of confidence and safety in what's been working. But it helps for me to remember that things change. New needs will show their face and it's to my benefit to adapt to them.