The Only Voice that Matters

The only voice that matters during a clutter bust is your own.

Not your voice from a seven years ago, or your friend's opinions, or what someone says in a blog (that includes me). But your voice right now.

When I ask a client, "Do you like this or can you let it go?" I keep it simple because I want to make it easy for them to hear themselves.

When you sit by yourself in your home, and you pick one thing, and you ask about this thing in a way that suits you, listen for what comes up. It may be simple, or complex. It's just you and this thing and your feeling about this thing in your life right now. Great insight can come from this intimacy.

Recently I had a friend send me a website about a particular kind of yoga that I'd never heard of before. I checked it out. I noticed I felt some conflict. I kept looking though because I've liked some of the things she'd suggested from the past. As I continued looking, I felt even more resistance. I sensed it was like trying to walk while dragging an anvil on the ground that was tied to a rope around my waist.

I realized I was being fueled by the fact that she liked the yoga. But it wasn't singing for me. My resistance was a matter-of-fact no. So I stopped looking at the yoga website. It felt like a kind gesture on my part. Like I gave myself a nice peace of mind present.