Trees! Another Embarrasing Self-Revelation

There's something about trees that does it for me. They have a wonderful presence. I feel like I see them and they see me, and we like what we see.

I can spend hours in the woods by myself and never feel alone. I remember once driving an hour up into the Angeles Crest mountains above Los Angeles, and finding a forest shrouded in mist that I felt called out to me. I got out of my car and ran through the woods, making up songs out loud about the trees. I'm happily weird that way.

The thing is, regularly sifting things out of my life that I no longer care for has made it easy for me me to madly love the things that make my heart ring. I feel unobstructed access to the cookie jar of life.

That's why I so passionately write and talk about clutter busting. I know it seems hard to untangle yourself from the crap that doesn't actually matter. But the untangling is a temporary displeasure that leads to some great pleasures.

My friend Carrie wrote in her blog recently that after doing a big clutter bust with her husband, they realized they really want to live in the desert. So they are selling their house and moving out to Palm Springs. Once you get out from under the depressing spell of the clutter, you get a passion for the things that matter to you. It's our nature to go towards what makes us happy.

I believe in your ability to unravel the deadwood of your life. As you do, your life comes back to life.