What's the Kindest Thing You Can Do For Yourself?

I did my first Clutter Busting Your Life webinar last Saturday.  I encouraged the people who showed up to share their clutter situations. I wanted the webinar to be about their specific needs.

Someone shared about how she had been slowly clearing out the clutter from her home, and she was down to the hard stuff. She had found boxes of antique dishes of her Mom's who had died 15 years ago. She didn't want the dishes and she was hoping to save them for her sister to see if she wanted them. But the thing is, her sister wasn't talking to her. So the boxes were just sitting there.

I said that we often get stuck in the ideal of how we think things should be. We only want to move forward if we can follow that ideal. But an ideal is conceived perfection. It's something that tends to exists only in the imagination. So it's usually impossible to live an ideal. Trying to do so can drive us crazy.

I said we're looking for the best thing we can do with the circumstances as they are. It would be great if she could talk with her sister. But because her sister wouldn't talk with her, that eliminates the possibility.  It comes down to what can we do for ourselves in the situation. It comes down to asking, "What's the kindest thing you can do for yourself?"

I said for her, it sounded like it would be letting the boxes of dishes go. Otherwise the dishes will be tormenting her, sitting there, reminding her that her sister is not talking to her.

She said she could relate to being tormented.  She said that inanimate things can have a negative power just like someone you do not care for.

It's only first one, but I get a sense that these webinars give people a safe, encouraging, and healthy space to openly talk about their clutter situations and come up with doable and fulfilling solutions. We don't have to feel overwhelmed, stuck and alone in our homes. The power of a supportive group makes it possible to move through the inertia. We are powerful together!

I'm doing another webinar this Saturday, July 28th at Noon Central time. The webinar costs $10 and lasts for one hour. The registration link is to the right. Once you pay via PayPal, you will receive an email within 24 hours that provides the link to the webinar. The webinar is sponsored by SpreeCast.com. You will need to join SpreeCast (it's free) to interact with me and others in our webinar this Saturday.