Wonderful Experiences

As I discover and let go of things that no longer serve me, wonderful experiences often take their place. These experiences come out of nowhere. I didn't go searching for them. When they happen, they are a nice surprise. For instance my experience with the flowers at the top of the page. I came out of an office today and they greeted me with their full colors. I thought of sharing them with you.

These experiences are enchanting. I see them through my heart. They are rich and powerful. When they're over, I'm left feeling satisfied. I don't feel like I need to repeat or extend them.

My experience is that we thrive with experiences rather than trying to feel fulfilled by the possession of things. 

We often hang on to things that aren't part of our life anymore because a part of us thinks we still might be able to get some juice from it, even thought that's not actually our experience. But it's hard to live with things that aren't enjoyable to us today. It makes us listless and depressed. When these things go, we open the space for something new and alive to come to us now.

As an experiment, take a chance and let go of some things that are not serving you. Then keep your eyes open for sweet and satisfying experiences that come your way. They may be something brand new to you that you never realized you liked before. Or it could be something subtle and nurturing you might have once overlooked that you suddenly discover. It could be an act of self-kindness that you find yourself automatically doing. Take a chance and see.