Checking in with Your Heart

I told the relationship troubled client in yesterday's blog post to imagine his heart was a three year old child. I asked him what he would he do to protect and take care of his heart. I wanted him to understand how delicate his heart was. I think we have mental images of being tougher than we are.

I focus a lot on kindness. When I work with a client, my job is to help them be kind to themselves. It's hard on them to live amidst things they no longer care for. Imagine living with someone you don't like anymore. It can take a toll.

We have reasons why we hang on to things that don't support us. But I ask you to ignore those reasons. I ask you to only consider yourself. When I ask a client if they like a particular thing, I'm asking if this thing helps them take care of themselves now. Is this thing a good match for them.

I had a recent client who kept telling me the reasons why the things in her home were good products. She didn't say they were good for her. She sounded like a commercial for these things. I told her I didn't care about their general use. I wanted to know if they were good roommates for her. Were these things assisting her and making her life better? Or were they distracting her and making her life difficult?

This is about checking in with your heart about each thing in your life. We come alive when are hearts are tended to. We feel a satisfaction that we can never get from any thing.