Considering Ourselves

When we clutter bust, we are re-claiming our value. We are considering ourselves in every decision. We want to know how this thing makes us feel.

At first this can seem kind of strange. We've been used to thinking of the value of our things before our own worth. Sometimes clients will tell me they don't like or use something but they don't want to let it go because they spent a lot of money on the thing. Or they'll tell me the all specific reasons the thing is valuable, even though they don't use the thing.

That's why I always come back to asking, "But do you like and use this?" It takes some encouragement to look at our own feelings.

I think one of the reasons clutter busting feels so good is that we are truly considering ourselves. We've gotten used to having our feelings ignored, and suddenly we shine this light on our hearts to find out what matters to us. One of my clients said, "It's so much simpler when I just think about how this makes me feel."

Ads tell us what we should like. Society tells us how we should act, think and feel. We're used to being told how to feel. But this is about tossing the outside opinions and looking to see how your life feels on you.

Are some of the things, people and activities in your life a burden? It's worth listening to yourself to hear what you have to say. Your voice may be quiet. Your feelings may seem distant. But your interest in them will make them louder.

"Do I like this person in my life, do they make me feel good, or can I let them go?" "Am I enjoying doing _______, does it give me energy, or not?" "Do I feel beautiful when I wear this shirt?" It's okay to be curious about what you like and don't like. It's going to make you feel alive again.