Sometimes people feel like symphonies to me. All the aspects of their personality and what they do come together to make something fascinating. The sound of their voice, the words they use, how they think, the way they dress, what they do with their lives, the emotions that move through them.

When I hear people say they wish they could be better, or that something is wrong with them, it's hard to imagine that they aren't okay right now. But then even their complaining is part of the symphony.

Last night I was brushing my teeth along with my girlfriend. My lungs are sensitive and I started coughing. When I was done, I said I didn't like when my body reacted that way. She said my coughing wasn't my fault. She didn't see that something shouldn't have happened.

I figure there's that desire in all of us to sound and be a certain way that we imagine would be pleasing to others and ourselves. But I'm in love with the vulnerability of how our lives actually come out into the world.

This way of listening to people helps me be a good clutter buster. I appreciate the person. I like their livingness. I figure if I can help them sort out the stuff they don't actually care about anymore, they'll be more open to their natural melodies and rhythms. 

It makes me think that our peace of mind is going to be found in living with who we are rather than trying to bleach out the parts of us that we think don't fit.

For instance,  I came home today and found my girlfriend taking a nap on the bed. She had a pile of clean laundry next to her on the bed. She opened her eyes, saw me and laughingly said, "Hey, I'm folding the laundry."

This who-I-amness is our vulnerability. It's us un-protected without the adornments that we think make us appear all together. It's what makes people so satisfying to me.