My feelings are a good meter for whether what I'm in relationship with in the moment is a good fit or not.

"Does this feel good to me or not?"

One of my friends told me about a Wayne Dyer book on CD that he thought I would like. I got a copy of it from the library. I listened to the first CD and felt constricted. I wasn't resonating with Wayne Dyer's words. I could have said, "Oh, but my friend said I should listen to this." But it didn't fit me. So I stopped listening.

Feeling lousy in any kind of way is an indicator that something is not fitting. 

I was working with a client who was feeling like something was wrong with him. He was on the brink of despair. I asked him some questions and he revealed that one of his friends had recently been extremely critical of him, sending him into his downward spiral.

I asked him if he felt that his friend's criticisms were valid. He thought about it and said no. He said his friend had a habit of being mean to him which he took to be the truth. But the truth was that his friend was mean, and essentially not a friend. His friend was not a good fit for him.