Using Our Clutter Radar

I realized during Saturday's Clutter Busting Your Life Webinar that the format wasn't serving me. The technical aspects were getting in the way of me being connected with the callers. I like having a simple setup that allows me to relax and focus on helping people with their clutter situations. I'm switching this Saturday the 25th's Clutter Busting Your Life event to a much simpler teleconference format. The new info is on the upper right side of this blog.

I wanted to share another positive thing that happened during Saturday's event. I did a clutter busting mediation with the group. I had them close their eyes and take a visualized inventory of their home and life. I asked them to notice anything that made them feel off, irritated and tired. The meditation was a way to get in touch with our innate sensitivity as a radar to notice what's no longer serving us.

A woman in the group said that during the meditation she realized that she no longer enjoyed being a rabbi. She saw that she was trying to be a person that she wasn't anymore. She discovered that she wanted to find new ways to share her voice and perspective with the world. She wanted to focus on healing, workshop teaching and dance.

She also realized she didn't like the outfits that she had been wearing to do her job. She had a bar mitzvah later that day that she couldn't back out of and was feeling stuck about the outfits.

I said if she tried to wear the old outfits while working that day, she wouldn't do a good job. It's hard to be yourself when you don't like what you wear. I asked if she got to decide what to wear to work. She said she did. I asked if she had appropriate clothes that she loved which she could wear to the bar mitzvah. She thought about it and got excited about a, "luscious feel-at-home outfit" that made her feel like a priestess, something that fit her nature. 

I asked her to take the clothes that she didn't like wearing and put them in the car to donate on the way to work that day. She said she would.

There's something that clicks in you when you start to consider yourself. You start to feel good again. Suddenly your life becomes very alive. It's a living thing. You're interacting with your life and it interacts with you. It's alive. It talks with you. It tells you what it needs. You tell it what you need. It's a relationship. It's alive that way. Not the things in our life. The things come and go. If we try and extract life from our things, we can never be satisfied. But when we tend to our actual life, what's with us all the time, we feel alive!