Without Blame

I was talking with a client on the phone who was telling me about "the dire state" of his clutter situation. He said, "I've let things get so bad. I don't know what's wrong with me. I shouldn't have let things get so bad."

I said that I didn't agree. I didn't see there was anything wrong with him. I said that life happens to us. Sometimes it feels really good, and other times it feels like crap. I understood that he was feeling like crap in the moment. But there was nothing wrong with him. He was feeling overwhelmed, which made him find fault with himself. When we get tired, we often stop seeing things clearly, and we look for a culprit and it's often us.

My client said that he felt worse when he assaulted himself with blame. It said it's like he's drowning, and he pours more water on himself. I said it's easier when we see the problem for what it is, which includes the discomfort we're feeling, but without attacking ourselves. From there we can kindly find a way to begin to repair the situation.


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