When you begin a clutter bust, remember you are the most valuable thing in your home.

It's worth taking the time to be aware of your importance. You matter.

Things come and go. But you are the lasting presence that's in your life.

Allow your value to sink in to your heart.

Tell yourself that you are going to go through your things and root out anything that doesn't support you enjoying your life and taking good care of yourself.

You are worth the effort!


Tomorrow Saturday August 11th at Noon Central is the next Clutter Busting Your Life webinar. Spend an hour learning about how to see the clutter in your life, remove it, and enjoy increased intimacy with yourself and others.

The webinar costs $10 and lasts for one hour. The registration link is to the right. Once you pay via PayPal, you will receive an email within 24 hours that provides the link to the webinar. The webinar is sponsored by You will need to join SpreeCast (it's free) to interact with me and others in our webinar this Saturday. I hope to see you Saturday!