It doesn't matter how far astray your clutter situation has become. You  can start to go the other direction.

You may be deterred by thinking you were wrong for letting it have gotten so bad. You can also give up moving forward because the task as a whole seems daunting and un-doable. But even from this point, you can start to clutter bust.

It doesn't matter at what point it happens. The starting begins the healing.

When I work with a client, I don't mind if they've been stuck in their clutter situation for eight years. I'm there to encourage their starting because I know they will start to feel better.

It's a great moment when the clutter busting begins.  It's like letting light into a dark and stale room. A positive thing is happening. I see it in people's faces and hear it in their voices. Vitality is replacing inertia.

The clutter busting doesn't need to be completed to receive the benefits. Starting gives one confidence, relief and momentum.

A task completed satisfies the mind. A task begun satisfies the heart. 

When you begin, moving one step at a time, asking of each thing, "Do I like and use this, or can I let it go?" you are continuously beginning. It's a living process.