Emotional Tornado!

My client was in a state of great anxiety. She said she didn't have much stuff, but that it felt like everything in her place was screaming at her. I asked her what her stuff was screaming. She said she didn't know. 

I asked about her life in the moment. She said she was close to no one. She was out of work. Her neighborhood was unsafe. She was exhausted. She felt disconnected and had no motivation. She felt this was how her life would be for the next twenty years until she died by herself and no one would find her until the rent was past due.

I said that maybe her life sucked in the moment, but she was wrong about what would happen. We don't know what will happen. Sometimes we get an emotional tornado going inside of us that takes the pain we are feeling in the moment and extends it into the future. Pain in the moment hurts, but the fantasy idea of future pain makes us suffer because we can't do anything about it.

The screaming stuff was a reflection of her inner state. 

For awhile, she explained all the things that would happen to her, in her inner fantasy. She sounded completely distraught. I said, "You're looking for a culprit outside yourself, but the clutter is this emotional tornado that's going on inside of you. You're wrapped up in this fantasy about where you think things are going to go, but our lives change all the time. Nothing stays the same. Because it's so noisy in your head with this disruptive, echoing prophecy, you have no room for any quietness to come in and give you an alternative. That's the only thing that will help you. The naturally quiet part of yourself that knows how to help out...that's your best friend."

The emotional tornado ceased. My client was quiet. I asked her how she felt. She said, "That's the heart of the matter." When she thought of it that way, she felt that maybe good things could come.


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