It's All in the Starting

The secret is in the starting.

You may not feel you'll be able to clutter bust. You may want to understand why the clutter is there in the first place. You might worry that you'll let go of something that you'll need later. You can stay stuck thinking about the clutter and not taking the first step.

But once you begin by picking a small area and holding the first item you come across and asking, "Do I like and use this or can I let it go?" you have the process there to support you.

There's something powerful about taking action. Our discriminating faculties are there to support us. We are built to act. Suddenly it becomes very simple because you are only considering one thing at a time. "Does this thing support my life now, or not?" We do better taking care of one thing rather than trying to take care of everything at once.

I was working with a client last week who was afraid to start the clutter bust. She kept wanting to talk about her situation. The more she talked, the more agitated she got.

I finally encouraged her to pick one area, and select the first thing she saw. She came across some computer software. I asked if she was using it. She said it was out of date. I asked if she could let it go. She said yes and put it in the trash bag. I asked how she felt. She said relieved. I asked her to pick the next thing.


The next Clutter Busting Tele-seminar is this Saturday September 8th, at Noon Central. Spend an hour with us learning how to see the clutter in your life, remove it and enjoy increased intimacy with yourself and others. 

To register: Pay $10 via PayPal. Within 24 hours you will receive the phone number and access code to use on Saturday.