Most Embarrassing Post Ever

When I was up in Boulder this week to shoot the interview for Gaiam TV, I had brought an oxygen converter because I have a lung condition and with the elevation there's a lot less oxygen. The thing is, I was embarrassed to bring the machine to the TV station. I am a very private person, and I didn't want people to ask questions about it and talk about it. I didn't want them to see a part of me that feels weak.

It's embarrassing to even write about it.

So I brought the oxygen tank to the TV station, and I expected something weird to happen. But there was no problem. Everyone was very accommodating. Two of the people there had one of those machines themselves. I used a little before the interview, and it helped me. In fact, I kept it just off-screen during the interview.

The thing is, everyone has weaknesses. When I'm working with a client, I don't have critical thoughts about them. I understand there are things they dislike about their life, but I just want to help them feel better.

We all have limitations. There are parts of us that we wish were stronger or better, whatever that means. We see other people, and we think, "I could have that; I could be that." We could be funnier, richer, have the perfect partner...fill in the blank. Of course we'd want to do that.

If I could breathe better, I would. If I could be wealthier, I would.

But even Superman had a vulnerability -- kryptonite -- that made him endearing.

By working with people and learning more about myself, I am discovering that this vulnerability is a beautiful part of ourselves. By not covering it up, we get re-connected with who we are.


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