Reunited, and It Feels So Good...

Getting rid of clutter feels cleansing, but the greatest benefit is reconnecting with yourself.

When we are split off from who we are, we become inundated with stuff, people and activities that don't serve us.

Turning inward and asking yourself, "Do I like this or can I let it go?" takes your feelings into consideration. You care what matters to you -- that's becoming reconnected.

Initially it's hard to begin because of the split, but it gets easier as soon as you focus inward.

I remember working with one client in her living room. She sat on the floor and sulked. She told me about all the problems in her life. She was reiterating what was already apparent, that she felt an inner chaos - she'd lost her connection.

I said she would feel a lot better if we started questioning the things that were surrounding her. I had her start with her vast CD collection that were in racks next to her. I handed her one CD at a time and asked, "Do you still listen to this, would you buy this CD today if you were out shopping, or can we let it go?"

In response to these questions, her attention switched from being focused on what was wrong to going within. At first she was quiet. That's the reacquainting; our attention goes subtle inside of us.

Then something clicked for her. Her focus was back. She was settled within herself.


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