Seeing Your Value

There's you.

Then there are the things, people and activities of your life.

When you can see that you are the priority, your life thrives. When the things in the second sentence dominate you, you suffer.

It helps to take some quiet time and think about this relationship. Am I taking care of myself? Am I taking care of my things, but forgetting about myself?

This is a kind assessment. There's no blame for the stuff taking over, or forgetting about yourself. It's a curious noticing of what's happening.

If you see that you are lost amidst the things in your life, and you don't know a way out, it's okay to admit that. "Wow, I really feel stuck."

In the quiet introspection, you can start to feel your value. Even though you are lost in clutter, you can see that you are the living gem amidst all of this. Noticing your worth begins to give you stability where there had been none before.

Maybe this kind loving attention is what will serve you best in this moment. Taking stock of yourself can begin to build your reserves. It helps you re-balance.

In seeing your worth, you may start to think of things you can do to help yourself. You will know what's best.