Today I'm in Boulder, Colorado to talk about clutter busting on Gaiam TV. I like how the wide open spaces in and around this city tell me, "There's plenty of room here. Stroll around! Enjoy yourself."

Space feels like an invitation. The openness gives me room to breathe and makes me feel like I can expand in any direction I like. Space feels supportive.

One of the amazing things about space is we can cover it up with our stuff for years, and then as the stuff starts to go, the space is happy to see us! Opening up the space is like coming home after a long and frustrating day and being greeted by your dog. It's just so happy to have your company.

When we're stuck in clutter, we're uncomfortable because we're aching for space's company. We need it to feed. We need the space's unconditional love.

That's why I ask my clients to notice the space right after they've cleared it. The contrast allows them to be aware of just how powerful space is. They discover they have an ally. They're not alone.

Today I encourage you to notice the space in your life. It could be a place in your home that is unencumbered by things. Or you might notice the endless space in the sky when you are out driving. Maybe you toss some old items from your desk and notice the space smiling back at you.

Ask yourself, "How does this space feel? What effect is the space having on me? What is the space telling me?"

Noticing and appreciating space can inspire us to remove what keeps us from this connection.