What's Real?

By real, I'm talking about a thing, person or activity that connects to our heart. We enjoy taking it out and interacting with it. We get excited when we hear from this person. We feel energy as we begin the activity.

Most things aren't real to us. They are things in the back round. Or people that we're okay without. The same with an activity we feel out of touch in.

We get used to having the un-real things around us. They become our company. They are like having someone around just so we're not alone. But we are alone because there's no connection.

We come to life when we clutter bust, because we remove the un-real. When these things go, we're left with what we love. It's what we love, not because an ad or friend said we would, but because we can't help it.

The other week I sold my electric guitar. I realized I wasn't playing with it. I used to. A little bit. But it was nothing compared to the passion of playing my acoustic guitar. When I play my acoustic, I feel like we are playing. My acoustic inspires and interacts with me. I enthusiastically give it all I've got.

When the electric went, my love affair with my acoustic became more deep. I didn't realize that was possible. I discovered nuances. I could feel my singing resonating in the wood of the guitar. I could feel my guitar giving more back in its tones. I feel like we create a living thing.