Clutter Busting for Comfort

Here's something a blog reader sent about her recent clutter bust:
"Yesterday I uncluttered an old meditation bench which had been troubling me for a long time already. It was wooden, hard to sit on, uncomfortable and quite heavy also. So I decided to let go. I believe that you don't have to suffer while meditating, and I let the bench go. I almost became angry every time I used it because it was too small, had very hard angles and it was like hurting me. So my body was really relieved and thankful when I let go!

Then I went to a second-hand store and found a very comfortable armchair that I had wanted for a long time already. I bought it for 10 euros, brought it home, cleaned it and covered it with a beautiful canvas, and so I had a perfect armchair to myself. I felt that now I really can relax!"
I wanted to share her email to say that it's okay to say no to something, someone, or an activity that is rough on you. You have that freedom.
You may not know immediately what to replace the uncomfortable thing with.  But by keeping that space alive and open, you'll know what to replace it with, if anything, when the time comes.