Clutter Busting Your Car

Our cars can become trash cans on wheels.

Things have a way of coming into our cars and staying there. The glove compartment, the back seats, the floors of the back seats, the space under the front seats, the trunk, the side pockets by the seats, inside the arm rest, above the visors - these are the places car clutter likes to reside.

You may get used to the stuff being there. You may not even see most of it. But it does negatively affect your driving experience. And it reduces clarity!

I recommend taking an hour and going to your car with a box of trash bags. Pick one area and begin the excavation! You may be surprised at what you find. I've had clients find food so old they couldn't tell what it used to be. Other clients have found money, lost items they'd given up ever finding, and mapquest print outs. One woman actually found her old wedding dress tucked away in the trunk!!

Go through everything and ask if you need it in the car, you need it elsewhere, or you're done with it. Remove what doesn't need to be in your car. If it has another place to live, bring it there. If it's ready to retire to the trash, escort it to the gates of the trash bag.

Then go and have your car washed and vacuumed. The post-clutter contrast will make you love your car again.