Ending the Merry-Go-Round

We try organizing to get a handle on our stuff but we get frustrated when we see we are just moving things around without feeling any relief.

My experience is it's not possible to have peace of mind by managing our things to create a look of order.

You only get your life back when you take an honest inventory of what's in your life. That means that rather than find what seems like an appropriate place for everything, you ferociously say to each thing, "If you help me, you stay, if you don't, you go."

Nothing is protected because of how much it cost, or that other people said it's valuable, or that it was given to you as a gift, or it once used to be an important part of your life.

Nothing is sacred, except for your peace of mind.

You get to say, "No."

It never gets old hearing clients say, "No" to the things they no longer love and use. At first they are a little timid. There's a feeling of, "Is it okay for me to say 'no' to this?" Once it kicks in, when they realize the power is in their hands to remove crap, roadblocks, and deadweight from their lives, they boldly say, "That's going!"