Pain Matters

When something, someone, or some activity in your life is clutter - you feel irritation, drama and confusion. Your mind gets trapped in a mental debate.

"I'm not using this anymore, but what if I end up needing it?" 

"I don't like this, but I spent a lot of money on it."

"I never go to the gym, but I should."

"I'm not reading this, but everyone says I should."

"He drains me. But it's not right to let go of a friend."

"These shoes hurt my feet, but I have to wear them to special events."

"I hate this kitchen table, but if I give it away, I won't have a place to eat dinner."

"I'm very uncomfortable in this situation, but I should just get over it."

"I don't like this, but my sister gave it to me, and what if she comes by and asks where it is?"

"I don't use these art supplies, but if I'm really going to be an artist, I'll need them." 

These clutter situations leave you feeling split without a resolution. A part of you stays irritated as a result. You remain in pain.

It's worth stepping back and noticing the upset this unresolved situation creates in your body and mind. This turbulence is what the presence of this thing, person or activity is bringing to your life.

You may find yourself defending the thing by saying, "Yes, but _______." What helps is to come back to the, "Yes." That's the part of you that says, "Yes, it does hurt me." It's admitting that you are in pain.

You don't need to take a hit for any thing in your life.