Stepping Out of the Loop

A reader writes, "I have this habit of staying up late, even when I'm exhausted, just looking at the internet or doing one more work thing. I feel miserable in the morning, but I still do it. I know the habit is clutter, but I can't seem to stop. What should I do?"

Often when you have trouble sleeping, or you resist going to bed when you're exhausted, you're hanging on the day's events. You're overwhelmed.

When we're feeling emotionally healthy, things happen to us during our day and we are able to process them. But when there's too much going on for us, our emotional hard-drive crashes, and the energy of events collect in our body and mind. We're filled with bundles of energy, like an emotional traffic jam.

Without the flow, we can't relax. We don't want to go to bed, because then we are face-first with that energy, and it's too much. We try doing something with the hopes it will makes us feel better, but it makes us feel worse.

What you need is special care, immediately. That means for this moment stop pushing yourself. Ignore the compulsive feeling's command to go online or work or do one more thing. You need an alternative that will help the flow return to your body and mind.

Maybe that means you take a walk outside, or you spend time with a pet, or you connect with your partner. Perhaps you can take a hot bath with salts and oil essence. It could be that you need a nutritious meal. What helps you truly relax?

There's a good chance you won't want to do any of these soothing activities, or one of your own, because it seems like one more thing you have to do when you're not feeling capable. But you know from experience, if you don't deviate from your norm, you're going to keep feeling like crap.

Take a chance and find your rest. Give it some time. Let the rest take over. By slowing down, your intuitive body takes over and begins the repairs. You start to feel sane again. There's a good chance you'll want to go to bed.