Take a Closer Look

My phone client was describing the paper situation in her home. She had many folders stuffed with papers she'd been holding onto for years. She was assuming she needed to continue hang on to the papers.

But underneath I could hear the ring of uncertainty in her voice. I told her about the sound and how it's a clutter red-flag indicator. I invited her to delve into the papers so she could get a better idea of what was going on.

My client reached into a folder and found some cards from friends. She felt she had to hang on to them. "They're cards, they're from my friends." I said that her voice sounded hallow. This indicated that the cards didn't fit her.

I asked her if she ever looked at the cards. She quietly said she didn't. Then she said, "I'd rather talk with my friends, than ever look at these cards." The cards went into the recycling bag.

The way to see through clutter is to take a look at how you actually live. Is this thing truly a part of your life? Or is it neglected? If it isn't an actual living part of your life, it doesn't have a place in your home and life.

My client looked into another folder and discovered some old poems she had written years ago. She thought she should save them. Again I asked if she ever looked at them. She said she didn't.

I could see a realization come across my client's face.

My client said, "I had this idea that all these papers were necessary, but now I'm seeing all the pressure and weight of what I thought I should do."

I said she was trading pieces of her past for brand new experiences.


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