The Body Doesn't Lie

The sense that something is clutter is felt in your body. When you ask, "Do I love and use this, or can I let it go?" you're looking for the response in your tissues and bones. When a part of your body feels uneasy, uncomfortable, or out of sorts in any way it's your body waving the clutter red flag.

Our bodies are immediate. They don't think. If you take a bite of food and it tastes bad, you don't have to think whether or not you like the food.

Your body is the full-proof clutter radar. Use it as your guide during a clutter bust.

I remember a client who seemed particularly uneasy in her living room. I sensed by her body language that she wanted out of there. So I had her sit on the large sofa and I asked if it was comfortable. She said it wasn't. I asked if she could let the sofa go. She said she couldn't because there's supposed to be a couch in the living room so people have a place they can sit. 

I asked my client if her family sat on that couch. She said no one ever sat on the couch. I said it sounded like no one was comfortable on the couch. It wasn't serving anyone in her family. My client was stunned that she hadn't noticed the uselessness of the couch up till this moment.

I said we sometimes get into our head what we think we should place in our home. We bring in things that satisfy this mental image, but we don't satisfy ourselves. Some part of us is left feeling uncomfortable, but because we're feeling disconnected, we don't know why.

But when you ask and test things out based on how it feels in your body, you reconnect and it becomes apparent when something doesn't fit your home and life.