The Clutter of What We Don't Have

I saw an ad yesterday that said, "Life Could Be Good." I figured they only meant that if I bought their product.

It's easy to get tricked into thinking that there's something wrong with us that can only be cured by an object, person, or activity. 

After a while it can be hard to imagine that we're enough on our own.

I used to think I needed to get on Oprah's TV show as a clutter buster in order to be successful. I asked people to suggest to her via email that she have me on as a guest. At one point I was interviewed by her magazine for the clutter issue. I thought, "Finally, it's going to happen!" I was very excited.

The magazine ended up using what I said without naming me as the source. I was upset. I felt a hole inside me. I thought, "I'm feeling like crap because I'm not getting what I think I need to feel good. I don't want any part of this."

When I dropped the Oprah pursuit, I got my life back.

The whole experience made me realize that some things can be clutter even though they're not in our possession.