You're Not a Thing

When we are surrounded by things that don't actually matter to us, we shrink. We become another object in our home. We lose sense of our value and we suffer.

I see this in my clients who often look pale and hollow. Their voices sound weak. Their life force is diminished.

When you're feeling insignificant, it's hard to get the strength and conviction to question your things.

What can spur you to clutter bust is being tired of the great and exhausting effort it takes to reduce yourself.

Once you take that first step to ask of an item, "Do I need, like and use this thing, or can I let it go?" you let go of the lowly status of being an object. You become alive as the subject. You see, assess, and decide. With that comes strength. You are acting as a living force. Like the sun, your rays flow outward.

I was helping my girlfriend clutter bust her jewelry this past weekend. Sometimes she would get stuck describing a piece's attributes. She seemed so tiny in that moment. I said, "You're telling me about the necklace, but you're not telling me if you like it." The life force leaped back into her as she shed being a thing and declared, "No, this is going!"