Dead Weight

Things that are clutter weigh more. They have a dead weight. That's because in a way, these things are dead. Things that aren't part of our life don't get used. They are lifeless and inert. They hang in our closets, sit in drawers, and lay on the counter as clutter corpses.

A room full of "dead" things feels stagnant because of this lifelessness. We can't help but be affected by it. That can be why we don't feel the energy sometimes to clutter bust.

When we begin to clutter bust and take a closer look and see, we become aware of the dead weight on us. We feel the tiredness and heaviness in our bodies. I've had a few clients begin to fall asleep during a clutter bust. They do the bobble-head nodding off. Sometimes clients will feel nauseous.

When this happens, I tell them this is happening to them because they are buried alive under their stuff. But the thing is, they are alive. A bulk of their stuff isn't. It is imperative that they remove these things so they can get their lives back. 

I remember clutter busting my closet a few years after college. I came across my jeans suit from my high school days. It was my first suit. Oh, the memories! The thing is, I didn't wear this suit anymore. I was trying to keep the suit animated by images in my mind of when I did wear it. My vision felt blurred as I looked at the jacket. I realized the suit would never come alive for me again. So I let the suit go. I felt a heaviness lift off. It was nice to have me back.