Right now.

I remember once working with a client who was talking very animatedly about problems that might occur in the future at her job. I had this sense that she was a freight train moving at a really high speed, but she was in a sort of trance, so the train felt like it was going to crash.

I said, "The things you're talking about aren't happening. Right now you're in this clutter bust. You're not at work. Those things are fantasy problems that you can't do anything about, and they're driving you nuts. I would take that energy that you're feeling about work and focus it into your stuff. That's going to bring you more relief than trying to solve future fantasy scenarios in your head."

She got really quiet and she was able to work. She stayed focused with the clutter bust.

I find it to be a powerful solution to ask, "What can I do right now? Is there a problem right now, and if so is there anything I can do about it right now?" It's a peace-of-mind inducer. It's soothing to make decisions about things that are right in front of you.

That's how I go into my job with people who are in great states of anxiety and just get them started. It really is a cure to do what you can do, right now.

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