Starting Fresh: A New Experience

We're taught to have. We learn to get pleasure from holding on to things. "This is my ________." We identify with having this thing in our lives. It can be a tangible thing, a person, an activity. "This is MINE."

What's missing with having is experiencing.  Having is not an active thing. It's a fact.

But the joy in life comes from experiencing.

This doesn't mean living a minimalistic life, or letting go of everything. It means letting go of the things in your life that only have one purpose: being a possession. You let go of what isn't an active, living part of your life so you have the room and energy to enjoy the things you love to interact with.

It may be scary at first to consider letting of something whose existence in your life gave you definition. There's a fear of, "What would I be without this?" The answer, "Let's find out!"

I'm encouraging you to start fresh. To help with this I'm going to be writing a series of blog posts between now and the end of the year to help you find the things that aren't a living experience in your life. You'll see how they are taking up space in your home and in you. These things leave you feeling "less than." Taking this honest look will help you loosen your hold. As you naturally find yourself letting go, you get your life back. That's starting fresh!

If you find yourself wanting to work with me specifically on anything you feel stuck on, please feel free to call me at (310) 903-1041 to set up a personal phone clutter busting session.