The Borderline

It's hard to be at odds with your living space.

You can expect to have difficulties with the world, but it takes a toll to have to continue that fight when you come home through your front door.

When new client's call me for help, I can hear that sound of defeat in their voices. It takes the life out of them to not have a place of solace.

I had a client who told me, "I'm tired of bringing things home that make me want to leave."

I tell my clients they don't have to make a home for chaos. They can have a boundary that keeps the disorder of the world out of their home.

I tell them it starts with the realization that you don't function well without peace of mind. You see that none of your things are of value to you when you are not feeling emotionally well.

This gives you the conviction to evict things that turn you topsy-turvy. You lose the incentive to protect things that once made you happy, or that promised to do it for you. If something sends you down and out in any kind of way, you realize you don't want that interference in your life anymore.

Recognizing that you don't function well at all with things that don't serve you, also prevents you from carrying those things over the border from the world to your new place of peace.