You Have the Right

I wish I could magically pop through your computer screen and help you with your clutter situation.

But I am limited to typing to you.

So I come up with posts that I hope stir and inspire you to begin for yourself. Maybe you'll follow something exactly as I describe, or you'll come up with your own letting-go process. All I know is that beginning is where the magic happens.

I had someone write me recently saying that she sat in the middle of her living room and looked around at her things. She felt they were all looking back at her with a defensive back-off glare. She felt herself shrink inside. But then she realized that she was letting herself be bullied. She had given her power to her things. She felt the power come back in her body and she began the clutter busting.

It's your space. You have the final word. If the presence of something is hurting you emotionally, or physically, you have the right to remove it. You are sacred, your things are not.