Starting Fresh 10: Your Car

Each blog post until the end of the year, I will focus on a particular area of clutter, to help guide you in removing unwanted things, activities, and people from your life. The goal is to start 2013 clutter free!

Today's post is about clutter busting your car. There are plenty of hiding places for things to disappear to in your car. The presence of clutter seen and unseen in your car diminishes your driving experience. The distractions can even affect your safety! Let's take a look and see what we can find so you can take back your car!

1. Glove compartment. It's amazing the amount of things that can go into such a tiny space! As with most compartments with a lid, things go in, but are rarely tossed out. So, take everything out of your glove compartment and place it on the hood of your car. Pick up the first item and ask, "Do I need this at any time while I am in my car?" Remember, things that don't serve us, distract us. If you don't need it, toss it in your trash bag. If you need it for the car, set it aside. Then move on to the next item.

When you are done, get a rag and some cleaner, and wipe out the inside of the glove compartment. It helps honor the space. Don't put anything back in your car just yet.

2. The trunk.  It's amazing the amount of things that can go into a trunk and stay there even though we use it a lot. I once had a client who had her old wedding dress in her trunk. She said she kept telling herself she was going to donate it. Years had gone by. She finally donated it and was relieved.

Take everything out of your trunk and place them on the ground. Again, it helps to remove things from their usual space so we can see them with a different eye. Pick up one thing at a time and ask, "Do I need this in my trunk, or can I let it go?" Remember, just because you have the space doesn't mean you need to fill it. Toss whatever you don't need. Set aside anything you use that needs to go back in your house. Set aside in a different pile the things that will end up going back in the trunk. Keep going till you are done. Don't put back what you're keeping just yet.

3. Underneath and on top of the seats. First take a look under the driver's seat. Actually get down there and see. Coins, map quest printouts, food, dirt, clothes, etc. find their way down there, hoping to one day be rescued. Take it all out and put in on the hood of your car (the dirt can go on the ground). Toss what you no longer need, and keep the money. Next, explore under the passenger seat and do the same thing. Then move to the back seats and the foot space and repeat.

4. Stickers. Remove any out of date city or parking stickers on the inside and outside of your windshield and/or backwindow.

5. Car wash. Drive your car to the car wash. Make sure to have the floors vacuumed. Feel the luxury of your new car as you get back in. You don't have to get something new to enjoy something in your life.

When you get back home, take what you set aside and put it back in your car. Stand outside your car and admire its beauty. Everything loves to be appreciated.

Please write and tell me your experiences clutter busting you car; it helps inspire people when you share.

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