Avoiding Storage

One of my blog post readers asks, "How can I resist expanding into more storage space?"

It's natural to want to fill space. If there's an open space, we want to put something on or in it. The funny thing is, if we don't have available open space, we get really attracted to open space elsewhere. It's appealing to us to rent a space that's empty. We feel like we are gaining something by doing this. We get more space to put things in to. It's very exciting. A lot of people do this. Storage space locations are very popular.

The problem is we get that space and then we fill it up with our stuff. Then we are in a worse situation because our home is over taken by stuff, and now so is this storage space. The solution becomes a problem.

It helps to realize that getting storage space won't satisfy you. It won't resolve the problem. You'll just have a bigger problem.

I've seen this when I help clients clutter bust their storage lockers. Usually they haven't been out to visit their storage space in over three years. They've often forgotten what's in there. There's a punch in the gut feeling as they open the door and see what they have hidden away. There's also the realization that they've spent a lot of money on what was essentially clutter alimony. When they go through the stuff piece-by-piece, they see that it's pretty much all clutter to them, and they let it go.

Knowing this can help you go the other way. The only thing that's going to satisfy you is removing the things from your home that aren't serving you. This creates some open space around you and the things you care for and use. This open space becomes a thing itself to enjoy and cherish.