Getting Past Fear

As we began the clutter bust, my client said she was scared. I asked about what. She said she was afraid she might throw out something that she'll regret later. I said that fear is what got her into this particular clutter situation.

My client said that she didn't know how she could get rid of her fearful thoughts. I said she could leave them be. But she could try not using the fears as a resource anymore. She could try to not ask her fears for their advice.

We can get used to living scared. It can become a habit to think of the worst future scenarios and act from this place. But it's hard on our bodies and minds.

To go the other, saner way requires focusing and acting based on what's true for you now.

I told my client that we would refocus her awareness by going through her things one piece at a time and asking if she currently likes and uses the item or if it could go.

I had my client pick out a pair of shoes from her clothes closet. I asked her if she liked and wore them. She said the shoes never felt comfortable. I asked, based on her current feelings, if she could let the shoes go. She said, "The fear part of me says 'but what if I change my mind and want to wear them for an event?' But the things is, I don't want to hang on to things that make me feel like crap anymore." She let the shoes go.