Giving your things a home

Some items of clutter are things that are part of your life, but they are in a place that doesn't serve you.

I was working over the phone with a client this week and in the midst of finding and letting go of clutter, she came across a sweater that she still liked and wanted to use. But the sweater was in her hallway closet, which was not a space that made it easy for her to find and use it.

Plates have a place in the kitchen, books have the bookshelf, and shampoo goes in the bathtub or shower. But when things are not in the space where you need them, they give off an out-of-place, chaotic feeling, and that spreads to your thoughts, to your feelings, and to your sensibilities while you are within your home.

My client became inspired to help her sweater and other loved items find their homes. Rather than collect all these items into a pile and then distribute them to their places, I had her return each item as she came upon it. This way she got a confident feeling of completion with each thing she put back.

My client said that she felt like she'd been living in a stopped-up sink for years. She said, "But today I'm the unclogger!" She was exactly right.