Maybe Pile

One of my recent clients asked if it was okay if she started a maybe pile. It was a pile where she could put things that she wasn't sure about. She wanted to be able to come back to these things later.

She wasn't the first client to ask for this. The attempted "maybe" pile comes up a lot with the clients that I work with.

I say that maybe is a red flag that something is clutter.

If you are uncertain about something, that means it's not part of your life. If something was actually an important part of your life, you wouldn't hesitate to say, "Yes."

Think of something right now that really matters to you, that you really care about, that is part of your life. Do you want to keep it or do you want to let it go?

I imagine you want to keep it. I don't think you want to put it in a maybe pile.

"Maybe" is the part of us that says, "I don't need this anymore, but I don't want to let it go." You may not know the reason why you want to hang on to it. But it's worth noticing the indecisiveness, the hemming and hawing, the uncertainty that you experience when feeling maybe about something. Those are uncomfortable feelings. Living with maybes takes away your peace of mind and leaves you feeling unsettled.

I would trust the message your body is sending. "I'm not comfortable with this. Something feels wrong."

My recent client, after considering what "maybe" meant to her, said, "The last thing I need is a warehouse full of 'maybes.'" She ditched the maybe pile.