Openness to Forgetting

There's a need to clutch on to a good feeling moment. When we experience something that's radically more than what we're used to, we often react by wanting to capture the moment. There's a feeling that this kind of thing is rare and if we can capture it, it can last, and we can keep coming back to get a hit of the sensation.

I saw the Who in concert a few weeks back. They had a beautiful light show. Whenever something really elaborate came on the screen, the cell phones lit up in the hall as people took pictures and videos. The person sitting next to me spent a lot of time capturing the show. I looked at one of the images she took. It paled in comparison to what she was shooting.

I thought that fear motivates us to want to hang on to a moment past the time of the experience. There's a sense that we would lose something if we let it pass.

But what if we were to experience a beautiful and heightened moment, and then let it go? Even if that means we forget it in the next moment. Then we are fully open to the beauty and exhilaration of what we are experiencing.